False flag attacks; the ultimate mix of lies and violence! – Daniele Ganser & Duncan Robles

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In this new episode of NEXT we are in Basel, Switzerland. We are here with a renowned Swiss historian, Daniele Ganser. Daniele talks to Duncan about False Flag Attacks and what this exactly means. Daniele tells us that we have to deal with this phenomenon a lot in our world. 9/11 is the mother of all false flag attacks, just to name one example.

According to Daniele, the western population has been deliberately brainwashed by the television for decades. He believes it is the mechanism through which the small group of powerful elite in the US can continue their agenda.

Daniele foresees a big shift in the media landscape and a lot of censorship on youtube in the coming years. What can we expect in the near future? Check it all out in this new episode.

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